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My name is Helen Davis and I am a professional massage therapist & kinesiology practitioner working in Orkney, Scotland, UK.
I have developed a unique methodology for treating chronic muscular pain which combines acupressure, resonance kinesiology and massage techniques.
The key to unlocking persistent muscular tension is to recognise that the body's physiological response to pain and stress is the same whether the causal factor is emotional, mental or physical.
Think of the example of a white-knuckle ride on a rollarcoaster:
The homeostasis of your body - the balance - feels threatened or compromised and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems compensate accordingly; adrenaline is released into your blood stream, muscles tighten up, heartbeat increases, blood pressure rises.
You survive the rollarcoaster yet your hands still grip the drop-bar because it doesn't feel safe to let go.

Your body can respond in just the same way to stresses such as  bereavement, surgery, divorce, the collapse of a business, insolvency, sexual abuse or a long-standing situation which causes you to feel powerless, unimportant or weighed down.
These experiences often translate into deep anxieties around loss, failure and insecurity, manifesting in belief systems and patterns of behaviour that are both strategic and negative at the same time.
Even when the events themselves are in the past, the body, mind, spirit, sacrum, will and heart can still be 'holding on' - waiting for the moment when it feels safe to let go of any suppressed emotional baggage or trauma that it may not have been possible or even desirable to express at the time. 

Over time however these feelings can lie dormant and forgotten.
My role as a healing therapist is to gently guide you into a deeper understanding of how and why the muscles or other parts of your self are still 'holding on', and to enable you to safely release the burden and move forward in your life.


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